The Matchmaker Terms & Conditions

1. You must be Single and available to date, and in good mental and physical health.

2. A six month period applies to the three dates package to your membership unless all dates have been used up at an earlier date.

3. An official form of personal identification is required at the profiling meeting, passport, drivers licence etc.

4. We have a success rate of over 80% (after three dates) in achieving relationship matches. However we can not guarantee success in meeting your perfect match in those three dates.

5. The Matchmaker guarantees the confidentiality of member’s profiles (surname, contact details will not be forwarded will not be provided to third parties unless by prior agreement). We ask that you reciprocate with any and all information passed to you. After you agree to be introduced, the ladies Contact number will be passed to you to contact her, with her permission. This number is for you only. You then chat to your date to organise a suitable place to meet.

6. The Matchmaker carries out profiling and checks but all responsibility for personal safety lies in the hands of you the member. We recommend you meet in a public place and always inform a friend of your plans or us.

7. It is your responsibility to inform The Matchmaker on how your date has gone and to request the next date to be set up if needed.

8. If for whatever reason we are unable to find a suitable match The Matchmaker may choose to refund the member less a €150 profiling meeting charge and a charge for dates that have been arranged.

9. The Matchmaker is not obliged to accept individuals into membership and it remains at The Matchmakers discretion to accept or deny same.

10. Unlike other Dating Agencies, as soon as you both agree to be introduced to your first date, The MatchMaker passes the gent the ladies number and agrees on a time to call. If the gent fails to stand by his agreement, on calling, this is still counted a a date for the gent. This is to encourage him to not let the lady down. (He can text and residual).

11. If anyone is rude or unkind to the other person, The MatchMaker has the right to take that person off her books. The handling fee will be charged and number of dates will be taken into consideration. This is to encourage respect at all times.

12. All information you provided in your profile is 100% correct to the MatchMaker from the date the information is received. All information is Private & Confidential.


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