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Why The Cute Conor Felt Friend Zoned Was The Only Relationship He Could Get

It is our thoughts that trigger our feelings. So what if we could change our thoughts and let love in? Do we really block people and cause them to run for cover, run for that friendzone?

If we change our thoughts, our feelings and beliefs change and then our actions. It really is a cycle and sometimes we have to take a step back breathe deeply and live in the now to take it on. We need to leave that moany monkey, our subconscious behind and step out of our comfort zone and take that risk. If we can do that we have more control over our happiness and fulfillment.

We think it's money that makes us happy or even someone else but if we are not happy in our own skin, not even these things can make us happy. As Dr Michael A. Singer says, you can have a million, but if you had it on a desert island by yourself, it's useless. It is all about starting with you.

How though?

Pay attention to our triggers.

Dr David D. Burns encourages a very simple way to monitor your mood in his book, Feeling Good. He suggests creating 3 columns.

1. Recognise your negative thought ..... 2.Why are you Feeling this... 3.Rationalise

You step away from your negative voice and analise what is really happening.

For example I got a call from a guy today. He's been friend-zoned after a second chat. He said he's destined to be single. When I asked him why he said because nobody wants to date me. "NOBODY " I said. He felt there was definitely nobody. I pointed out many ladies who want to date him so he had to step back from that and he admitted, "There is nobody I want to date who wants to date me". So there are ladies who want to date you then. We kept going through the whys ...middle column and came to the conclusion. Ladies did want to date him but the ones he wanted to date, he was trying too hard with. So now Conor is bringing his best self to the date. He judged the date by the length of the chat. He never left them wanting more. Creating that desire to meet and explore.

Trick and really it's not a trick, is to not tell all your story at once. Why do people do this? They want approval asap. As Conor said, I knew she was going to fob me off after the 2nd date. He had failed in his own mind. He needed to get out of his negative mind. it worked thanks to Dr. Green.

One of the simplest ways of getting out of your own way is Mel Robbins #54321 which stops our subconscious mind from rushing ahead and putting roadblocks out. It takes us to the present where we can choose what we think and the trick is and this is a trick, to keep on moving.

Here's to a happier day. ♡♡

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