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Dating Agency V Online dating or both

I didn’t invent love, I just perfected it through the one on one introductions at the most successful dating agency in Ireland .

Why would you not open up every possible if finding that genuine relationship is your goal?

I am the matchmaker who leaves no stone unturned when looking for your perfect relationship. So unless you are in a profession and because of your job, finds it awkward or to time consuming to try online dating let me help you do online dating as well as come to me

This sums it up. This romance would never have started if it was online..

Most amazing thing happened me six months ago. I had a client who rang me for advice. He has fallen for his surgeon but didn’t and couldn’t ask her relationship statue. He wanted to know whether to send her flowers. Since he’d finish seeing her as a patient, it was now possible to take this further. As it turns out she’s on my books. Yes, Ireland is small. She’s 49 and he’s 47. I had his max age at 45 for dating so i wouldn’t have match made them. She questioned meeting up due to him being a patient but with a little push from me took the bull by the horns and they are dating since.

I am getting calls all w.e. about dating on line and trusting guys and girls! It is very scary the amount who meet up with strangers and don’t tell anyone.I meet clients out all the time who are interested in my Dating Agency from the point of view that I have met all my clients and safely is paramount, but keeping your options and all avenues open is always my moto. Do not however go with an agency which has not been around for at least 2 years. There are many with fake client banks and this is such a time waster.

When dating remember:

We all know to tell someone where we are going and who we are meeting, this goes for online and meeting clients through my dating agency. I have met everyone but never take unnecessary risks.

1. Be very careful of dating on line or Facebook or online Dating site etc. The latest is people not after your body but fake profiles after your money. Chat asap to make sure they are who they say they are.

2. Meet in a public place where you know you will feel comfortable

3. Make sure someone knows where you are going and who you are meeting (text us the details if you want to keep it private)

4. Appearance. Important to be comfortable, but do make an effort. Wear clothing appropriate to what you want from your date! Remember you don’t need to show it all on the first few dates.

5. Try to make a first date earlier in the evening or during the day, when it is bright outside.

6. Recommend first date do not drink more than two alcoholic beverages. Keep your wits about you.

7. If driving, do not park in a quiet area.

8. Always respect yourself and others.

Be yourself always…and Be Happy!

When you come to me directly. I help you go from no to go. I get you dating with that perfect match.

It’s not about the one liners it’s about being you. It’s important to know your 5 best qualities and values.

I get your essence and make you believe more in yourself. Everyone needs a push in the right direction. Through my dating agency that direction is straight in front of your perfect partner. With 80% success rate, I look forward to helping you find your match. For the 20% I’ll tell you where you can improve and am there to give you a helping hand.

The success with online dating is 1%. with my help in putting together your profile and giving you advice we can increase that to 30%, so talk to me and see which suits you best or whether it suits you to do both!

Sharon Kenny 0860711711 call me now 🙂

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