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During these difficult days of lockdown, let's turn your Fear into a Positive Gear and change your approach to Dating.

During this difficult days of lockdown, let's turn your Fear into a Positive Gear and change your approach to Dating.

I used to say, "It's never been easier to meet someone, but never been harder to fall in Love". True because online dating WAS like swipe, swipe and away. I hear so many cases were about guys getting the leg over and girls going from one date to the next. Next was the main word. That's why people come to me. Because they are looking for someone, who is looking for a genuine relationship and yes, because they are investing hard cash in it. This case is true, with over 80% meeting their match. As the matchmaker, I don't only match them, I make sure they are bringing their most authentic self to the table. As Ireland's No.1 matchmaker for 14 years I link like with like in as many ways as possible. 75% go for personalities similar to themselves. We are at the end of the day, looking for someone who makes us shine, inside and out. We are looking for that secure relationship which links into our deepest feelings. My job as the matchmaker is to help you find what you really do Value. This is what most focus on:

1. Security... in the old days we had our tribes look after us. Ladies still like that knight in shining armour. Men like that secure lady who is grounded and can stand by him.

2. Appreciation... that's someone who makes us feel special. Someone who thinks we are interesting and they are very interested.

3. Be Desired/Affection or even sexy ... most are looking for an intimate relationship and you can't have that without desire. I have that gut feeling there will be a spark/chemistry with two people. With years of practise I help get it right. 

Now more than ever before, people are becoming more AWARE of what they truly want. It is ok to have a wish list but if you don't have your 3 top Values to focus on, you'll loose the plot and keep making those red flag mistakes. My job as a dating coach is to save you time effort and heart break on your journey. Stop swiping right when you know that person won't tick your boxes.

4. Attention/ Be Selective. Bring the confident best you to the table. I'll help you know who is right and who to avoid. The amount of times people came to me and would say, "he's chatting up my friend online too, what should I do?". They know this and keep chatting. Walk away.

I'm here to help you with your virtual dating, write your profiles, to bring the best you to the table and give you advise through it. Just talk to me, FREE CONSULTATION. Say goodbye to Fear and get into Gear for Dating. 

Or simply call/text 0860711711 now. 

Virtual hug going your way & love.

Sharon Kenny


P.s Please share with you single friends and spread the Love.

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