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Dating 2nd time around and getting it right

I don’t usually do this but this is my purpose. I’m so grateful to eventually find out who I really am and want to encourage others to really soul search and find the best you.

What do you want out of Life? What is your purpose? Just heard the fab. Matthew McConaughey’s who inspired me.

To find happiness? To find a soulmate? To find out who you are? To find out more important who are not?

Once you know who you are not. NOT..That is the first step.

Look after your garden. Look after you. Get you blossoming is what I am here to help you with.

What is the one thing you’ll never get back? TimeWhat do you give your time and energy too? To much time in the pub, gym, food, friends who take your energy? Choose that healthy option. Learn to say NO.

Who, where, what, when…. To many options.I’ll help you get rid of who you are not and help you become who you need to be. WHY, cos only then will you fulfilled and in a place to meet that partner to match your soul.

My marriage ended when I was 39, I’m 52 now. I spent a lot of time working on building my confidence back up. I knew it had to start with me. For my kids sake as well as myself. I did every second course out there and I want to share the best of those courses with you, so you can save, time and energy in finding your best you and your soulmate.

50% of marriages end, 2nd time around 67% and 3rd time 73%. It just takes 21 Days of my favourite worksheets to make sure, you bring the best you to the relationship and make it last with joy fun and happiness.

I’ve been matchmaking 30 years now but 12 years as and I’m here to help you bring out the best you so you can attract the best other and see true genuine love come your way!

I here to offer those who have read to the end a once off offer. 15 mins free chat. No ties. Just tell me your story and see if I can help you and if we feel we could work together.

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