Dating Tips Over Covid

This is a great opportunity for genuine singles to fall in love. When you use these simple dating tips over covid, love can come your way.

The first tip, is to open yourself up to dating again. Yes, you will get into the flow in no time! There is a "thing"called FODA, (Fear of dating again), but what it really is, is getting out there again. Getting into the habit of socialising and then bring it on.

You already have something in common with them, lockdown and how they are dealing with it. Start with the good things that came your way over this time. Yes, there will be some.

Let's face it we are tribal people and we miss the connection. I have clients who before covid would have been quite happy not to go back to the dating scene again. This is a very stressful time and so many people are looking forward to meeting that special person to share experiences with. Dating over covid has never been so in demand. But how do you do it?

People are more genuine than ever. This has come from being alone and feeling the loss of sharing your experiences and just simply your day. Guys have cut down on the speed to get her into bed. Girls are more natural and feel less inclined to wear so much war paint as one guy told me. But, online dating over covid has created so many being "ghosted". (There chatting one minute and gone the next). Yes, it can be painful but shouldn't be.

Sex not happening. They realise they are in the same boat. They have time on their hands and should work on bringing the best them to the table.

What I'm hearing is... I haven't dated for over a year now. I don't know where to start.

Don't overthink, just go for it.

I know there are those who do because of their jobs can't go online dating, but those who can, it has never been easier.


1. You only have to dress your top half for a zoom date ;)

2. You don't have to fight over paying the bill.

3. You don't have to be concerned about being encouraged to be intimate so soon.

4. You've more time to bring the best, most relaxed you to the table.

5. You're more honest and vulnerable and let down your barriers to let love in.

In saying this watch out for red flags.

Start with the simple step. Get out there and say hi with online dating or if you want to move it along, with me,

You have two brain regions that become active which can create that instant attraction. Assess their personality and secondly if you're attracted to them. So you have that initial bond.



There are 2 kinds... 2 Fs.

Those who have turned into foodies, overeaters looking for comfort in food.

Those who have turned towards fitness and gone over the top in some cases.

Those have turned to fitness and food ...  both. Balance your life. Then start dating ♡♡

Make that change, let love in and stop closing love off. Make that meaningful link. 

Keep your distance if you haven't had your vaccines. Stick to the rules. Be respectful to the other person's views on covid. Let's make this work and love will come your way.

I'm here for you. If you need a free chat, connect with me and I'm happy to guide you in the right direction. See you on the other side...

On a funnier but true note, this was in "The Sun" today. Watch out for your emojis :)

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