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Online Dating Versus The Matchmaker & True Love

A big question I often get asked here at is “why do I need a matchmaker when there’s free online dating?” Well I’m going to tell you why in today’s blog.

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Picture the scene. A nice glass of red wine, some of your favourite tunes on and you’re curled up on the sofa about to embark on the wonderful world of online dating!

All excited you’ve downloaded the apps found some cute guys or girls swiped right but mostly left because most are looking for a one night stand or something casual.

That’s not you. You’re looking for the real deal here.

You read profile after profile all the details of someone’s life as they want you to see them.

Two hours have passed already by this stage.

Now here’s where it gets tricky.

Nobody puts up the whole truth here!

That guy who loves the gym but looks like he hasn’t walked a mile in 20 years, that woman who says she’s not a huge drinker but in every photo she’s out having fun with a glass of alcohol in her hands.

One lady I know went to meet a fit healthy non-smoker she says, “He told me he was a gym fanatic when I went to meet him he was very overweight and smoked! As we walked around Dublin I had to slow down for him constantly and all he wanted to do was sit!”

So apart from the slight exaggerations on peoples profiles what else happens in online dating.

Well the hours and hours spent trawling through profiles is bad enough but then BING someone has matched or sent a message so the “conversation”


Hi sexy I love your smile how come you’re single? That’s if you’re lucky mostly it’s just a “Hi”.

So hours and hours even days are spent chatting & you start to wonder “are we ever gonna meet?”

But most likely the conversation vanishes and you’re on to the next messenger!

A-shocked-woman-looking-at-her-phoneI won’t go into the chancers who are only on their for Sexting, the scams looking for your money, the couples looking for a “playmate”, the bored guy who doesn’t know what he wants, and of course the litany of married men & women looking for sex! So a lot of my clients here at the have run the gauntlet of all these types and many more including stalkers!

People come to me because here at I meet each client individually, I go through any issues that may be holding them back dating wise. From personal appearance advice to first date conversational advice.

The big difference is I spend time with each client and I have a list of comprehensive questions I ask.

I vet each client personally & I have even declined clients if I don’t think they’re truly ready to find “the one”.

There’s no married men or women on my books. I check everyone personally.

When you meet me I get to know you personally so I can find the very best match for you. We sit talk have coffee and it’s a relaxed pleasant and hopeful experience the total opposite of online dating!

The people who come to me are serious about finding love, they aren’t playing at dating they are interested in knowing a person.

I have done those hundreds of hours online trawling through profiles for you & just imagine the amount you’re goanna save on wine! No frustrations and no unsolicited photos of parts of the body only a doctor should be seeing!!

So if you’re looking for real love, true love, put away the apps and invest in a quality service that finds quality matches for genuine people.Sunset-time-happy-couple-love-image

Let me #Sharon Kenny take you by the hand and make the process of dating seem exciting and safe again!

Call 0860711711 and talk to Sharon directly now.

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