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Meet Sharon

With over 30 years of experience Sharon has been passionate about Spreading the Love. She's the proud owner of and is Ireland's No.1 Matchmaker, agony aunt, and dating coach she not only introduces you to your soulmate. Sharon makes sure you connect on a level that will last forever.

Sharon has learned from the best and shares the remarkable tools that worked for her when finding love again and will help you find and keep your future partner by saving you so much time, effort and stress.

"My clients, first of all, are finding love with peace of mind, yes this is VITAL. This clarity helps them make the right choices. They know I'm 100% behind them to make sure, they break bad habits, we ALL pick up along the way. They then, and only then are they in a position to stop picking up "WoundMates" and meet their SoulMate".

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