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Are you fed up being single and just want that special person to cuddle up to?

Do you feel that you are meeting the wrong partners, wound mates and not soulmates? Learn your love language below?

Do you feel you need some confidence back and your not sure where to start?

Bring the fun back into your relationship. Enjoy this sneak sheet.


Sometimes we just need a bit of a helping hand or a simple nudge in the right direction. I'm here to help you either way.

People are more in tune and genuine than ever when it comes to love. This year has helps so many get in touch with themselves and know what they really are looking for. Let's get you ready for LOVE with 3 simple moves...

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5 Love Languages, which is Yours?

It has never been such an unprecedented time in relation to communication and understands our form of communication. The five love languages not only help you understand your own personality but also your reality. The real you. If you bring the real you to the table and know how and why your mind clicks that way, you are in a far better place to have your happy ever after. 

Phycolinguistic is the study of positive language. I completely believe, what we think about, dream about we bring about. I've learned through this to talk to myself in a positive way. I am enough. I am bringing the best me to the table. I am filled up with love. 

*Do you know your five love languages and which you link to most? 

* What resinates with you most? 

* What love languages did your parents speak?

These five love languages are vital to knowing you and knowing how to communicate better with others.

1. Words of Affirmation

This is definitely my number 1. Even when I cook something for my partner and the kids, I love hearing that it's delicious.... whether it is or NOT. Joke, of course, I want the truth. If I give a talk, I really appreciate gratitude. To me, this Affirmation is so fulfilling. When I get a text from a client saying they are moving in together, thank you, or getting married I feel my cup flowing over with love.

My first love languages is Affirmation and to me giving and receiving gratitude is vital to create positive intent and bring it through my day.

When I was growing up,  my Mum used to tell me I'd big legs. When I look back I always wore long skirts or trouser or suits. I hated my legs. Now I realise I was criticising myself as I feel I didn't get words of Affirmation from my Mum. We can learn to love and give Affirmation and it will come back to us. By expressing words of Affirmation to others, I got it back 10 fold. Years later I reminded my Mum about this. She had no idea I took it so personally. She then questioned what she's said to others and learned the value of positive affirmation but, honest too. 

In this case, I needed to be more aware that it upset me. I should have said, where exactly etc. By dealing with things there and then we don't take the information into our subconscious and leave it there. We need to deal with our issues asap, through 3 simple steps.

Remember 3 things:


#Feelings /Emotions

#Actions ... deal with it! 

Don't delay and take action if your feelings are hurt. 

Then like me, you can not only get over your love language pains but make it your strongest love language by understanding it. 

2. Acts of Service

My Dad is a giver and always there for anyone. Service to others was his greatest aspiration. 

It is about giving through unconditional love. He was an engineer and great with his hands. He'd never pass a guy on the road without helping others. I've also learned from this. To love means to serve I've learnt from my Dad. Being there for others (without being walked over) is a powerful act of service.

Act of Service and giving out of love should not be manipulated. Being used and treated like a servant is not true love. Giving out of choice and not fear is true love. 

Albert Einstein believed love is more important than science. That's why I adore him!

Some people find it hard to share. "Don't expect me to do everything for you". I'm sure you've heard that before. This phrase comes from those who can't do acts of service. Be patient. We all don't speak all love languages. Make sure you understand each other's love language can bring so much more love. 

3. Gifts

I used to think Mum was very selfish. She'd never appreciate anything you gave her. But to her, it wasn't really the size but more her other love language, Quality Time and Listening. She would be giving out hints and I'd miss it. Gifts are in the detail. I thought I had it this year. I got her a voucher for Powerscourt with me. But, all she wanted was my time to go shopping with her to Kildare Village. By focusing on her love languages I can make things even better for her. It is about listening.

You can give any token big or small that speaks that emotional love. Gifts are given without strings attached.

Anthropologists have never come across any society who do not give gifts. 

Flowers might just be a daisy but it is the thought. Learn to give better and receive is a fantastic trate.

Knowing each others love language makes you aware about the size of the gift needed or appreciated. You don't want to give to big. It really isn't needed. 

4. Quality Time

This is togetherness and focused attention. We have a fundamental habit to be together. This human interaction. When quality time is not the activity but the emotion. Going on a date. Texting in a balanced way. Giving and receiving, you can feel the connection through quality and friendly connection. It is about what you are hearing and being there for each others. You can feel that connection. 

Do pay attention to red flags early dating. Not feeling a connection and the conversation is both ways. 

Remember we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, focus on this ask and be prepared to listen.

Quality Time with activities can be in a relationship where you makes an effort to link into their interest. I love horse riding my partner wasn't into it but tried it out for me. I knew it was love because that's his love language. 

5. Affirming Touch

Tender love and touches. A brush on the arm and you can get a shiver down your spine. 

Physical touch even a handshake. Touching can be as small as a handshake or hug. When I see clients who are building a new relationship, the main thing I hear is "I miss cuddles". A simple touch, that is so special. 

Touch receptors are throughout the body. Be respectful and build that bond can create a strong relationship. 

Even early dating do ask if you can put your arm around the other if you feel they are not receptive at this stage. 

Sensitive touches is a powerful feeling for Love. 

If you want to bring on a spark or back that spark, do ask or bring it back. "Do you like it when I touch your arm like this"? Go for it, a bit further each time and slowly but surely watch the sexuality develop or hugs if that's what your looking for.

Without our senses and understanding we find it tougher to understand others.

If you want to know your love language feel FREE to contact me and I'm here to help.

It doesn't matter if your single or in a relationship, I'm here to help you bring more love to your life.

Please share and spread the love ♡♡

Love, fulfillment and happiness.

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5 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back

Bringing Your Bubbly Sexy Back!

We’ve all been there. You’ve broken up with someone you thought was the “one”, but it turned out not to be the case.

You start going over it in your head and inevitably start looking at all the things you did wrong. We conveniently forget their shortcomings during this period.

This leads to self-doubt, and shakes your confidence and self-esteem, as if the breakup itself hadn’t done a good enough job on that in the first place! So I'm is here to help you regain that Mojo you once had before and more!

It’s natural after a breakup to give yourself some time to heal and be alone. After a sufficient time (only you can decide how long this is) you’re ready to date again! You will find by going into the Kensho moments and dealing with your pain it will bring you to a better place with clarity. (Call me if you need a quick chat, no ties)

But something feels off you’re unsure of yourself you’re not feeling on top of your game.

Like Austin Powers the Mojo is missing. So here are five simple things you can do to get your Mojo back.

Number 1.

Time for a Change!

From time to time especially in a relationship we can neglect ourselves a little. We can get a little complacent with our appearance.

So why not get a new haircut, a makeover, or treat yourself to a personal shopper to give your look a whole new lease of life!

Change how you look and you’ll change how you feel about yourself.

A new hairstyle can take years off you, or even just refresh an already great look and make you feel better.

Number 2.

Happy Hormones

All sorts of Endorphins (Happy Hormones) are released at the beginning of a relationship that’s why it feels so amazing!

Why not get yourself to the gym and get exercising! It will release the same hormones as well as making great changes in your health and appearance. While appearance isn’t everything, if you feel great you’ll look great, if you look great you’ll feel great, and so begins a wonderful cycle of self-confidence and attractiveness.

Number 3.

Social Butterfly

Get yourself out and about. I always think we lose a little of our social life when we enter a relationship. When it ends it seems life has moved on without us a bit Get back out there!

Try evening classes. What did you love when you were younger? Take up a new hobby. webinar nights, following a topic or person who inspires you, days out with friends. Not everything has to be about the pub.

Take Road Trips with pals around Ireland. Re-establish your social circle of friends. Our friends are our greatest fans and are crucial to our self-esteem. Get out there laughing with them.

Laughter is the sexiest thing anyone can do so have fun!

Number 4.

Self Improvement

Now before you cringe, and think of generations of self-help gurus, who’d have us chanting and exploring Ashrams in India in nothing more than a battered sarong and no makeup, and the men wearing Harem Pants! Yikes!

I’m talking a little more progressive than that. Here at The I’m a huge advocate of Meditation. Taking time out of one’s day for yourself to simply just be. Learn simple breathing techniques. Count to 5 and breath in, hold for 2 and breath out for 6. This really does clear your mind.

The benefits to mental health and happiness from meditation are not to be underestimated. I'm a huge fan of the law of attraction. Basically, if you’re happy & content in yourself you will attract someone who is equally happy & content. If your broken you'll attract a wound mate not a soul mate.

Create your mantra. Mine is "I AM ENOUGH". I have it written on the inside of my mirror in my bathroom. I repeat it to myself when I'm feeling down.

Number 5.

Bringing Sexy Back!

You need to feel desirable again! Where do we start? Well this sort of ties into Number 1 point. Never underestimate the power of looking after yourself, on how you feel. Pamper yourself & treat yourself as you would expect a lover to paper & treat you.

Making sense? No? Ok date yourself, dress up, take yourself to the best coffee shop and chill with your favourite book!

Take yourself to places you’d want a lover to take you.

Look after you. Focus on making yourself happy in your own skin, this is the sexiest thing ever!!

Someone who is confident in their own skin and in their own company oozes sex appeal! Bring it on!

See you on the other side. Link below and join our facebook page, where you'll meet like minded people.

"This page #21DaysDatingChallenge is great to meet others in the same situation as me. I don't feel quite as alone anymore.

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Don't Be Friend Zones Just Because You're Not Showing The Real You

Create that fun from the beginning.

You have no idea how my passion exploded when I read this article that went viral in the New York Times. 36 Questions to Love.

Professor Arthur Avon and his wife Elaine Avon PhD, have been working on ways and methods of falling in love. They came up with 36 Questions. I’m taking it one step further. I targeted the questions even more specifically for my clients and have found it really works.

As The MatchMaker (for over a 14 years now) my job is to find people a partner to love. I assist as the middle lady, if needed, to get that first date to the second date and onto the third date…

Because of tinder and other online dating methods, people often approach dating like an interview. It has become more superficial and is regularly treated as more of a hook up. When people come to me, you get single ladies and gents looking for an authentic relationship.

The 36 questions can really help to remove the pressure of early dates, by adding more of a fun element. We can all banter about ourselves and know how to tell our story in 3 minutes, or we should! We all know how to balance the questions by being a good listener too. But watch what happens when you use the 36 Questions To Love from The MatchMaker…

Example 1: one question I included years ago on my website was simple and sweet: “Who is your favourite Uncle and why?”. In my case, it’s my Uncle Tom, cos he’s fun with a cheeky smile and makes me laugh. What this says about me is, I’m looking for this in my partner. All the questions are there to probe. They help you be more vulnerable and this is a very fast efficient way to create closeness. They also help you know your values and what really is a priority to you.

Example 2: If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be? Think about how you would answer that question.

In my case, it is forever happiness. I have heard so many says, to always have my wallet full etc. You see that doesn't buy you love. It also shows a fear of loss of security, which shows a lack of confidence.

Example 3: If you could look into a crystal ball and see yourself, your life, your future, or anything else what would you like to know?

I’ve had so much fun asking my friends, the other half, and my family these questions. I’ve discovered so much about them and surprisingly I’ve discovered so much about myself.

Last week I interviewed a gent called Jim, aged 44, who told me all his friends are married. He came to me to meet his other half. Through the above questions I specifically put together for him I discovered he was missing a male friend too. As I’ve so many contacts I was able to share that with him too. At the end of the day, a happier client makes dating easier, and truth be told me so happy too.

I’m so grateful that I have the ability to bring these 36 questions into my life and would recommend everyone, in a relationship or not, to follow through and email me. Let me know if you are an introvert or an extrovert if you are married or single. I’ll send you the 36 questions to love to suit you.

Can you see the fun in them and what you get out of it! They are exploring their own thoughts and learning so much about you too. They encourage you to let down your barriers.

I love the end. You look into each other's eyes for 3 mins straight, without blinking. You feel a little weird but then create a bond, even chemistry.

Bring it on. If you would like to see the 36Q to Love, click below. It's on this page.

Big kiss all xx