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Meet Sharon, The Matchmaker

Firstly, thank you for joining me here, on your journey to finding that special one. With over 30 years experience (14 matchmaking professionally) I'm passionate about Spreading the Love. I am the proud owner of The Matchmaker and I am Ireland's No.1 Matchmaker, Agony Aunt and Dating Coach. In my Dating Agency I not only introduce you to your soulmate, I make sure you connect on a level that will give you the best chance to make your relationship last forever.

I have learned from the best and look forward to sharing my remarkable tools, experience and knowledge that have helped 1000's of clients to find their perfect match. All you have to do is be open and available and watch love blossom.

I'm not for everyone, but the person I'm for is sick and tired of looking for love, mainly because of wrong choices.

They are concerned they might be alone forever and they are stuck on that wheel of staying single or, go into relationships and out as fast.

They may not realise, like I didn't, that they are NOW ready to meet the best version of themselves and willing to do the work to get there.

I'm NOT for everybody, I may not be for you, but if we click, as your personal professional matchmaker I promise you, that I will do my very best to find you love

Sharon Kenny, Dating Agency Ireland

Welcome to Finding Your Soulmate, Your Twin Flame


  • 1. Is privacy and safety important to you?
  • 2. Is online dating something that doesn't sit right with you?
  • 3. Are all your friends married and you're feeling lonely?
  • 4. Do you find, even when you go out, you can't seem to find your match?
  • Let's chat and see which approach is best for you?
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  • Do you find your making the wrong choice?
  • Are you not sure if you are ready?
  • Are you second time around and not sure where to start?
  • Are all your friends in couples and your looking for your twin flame?
  • Do you want to break bad dating patterns?

How Matchmaking Works With The Matchmaker

As a result of matchmaking and my dating service, my clients have greater joy, happiness and love in their life. They bring a higher valued them to dating which increases their opportunity to meet their twin flame and fall in love.

I work with individuals who want more happiness and love of course in their life, to create better memories. So who do you know is in this situation?

The first match you make is with me, we have to be on the same page so I can find EXACTLY what you are looking for and handle all your EXPECTATIONS, which I will if we agree to work with each other. So your No.1 step is we click! This is a fun journey where we bring the best you to the table so you can find your perfect match.  

Unlike other dating agencies, I meet EVERY client face to face. I look after you all the way through matchmaking you. I am passionate about being honest with you and through each date advice you. I will see your good and bad habits and patterns and make sure, you make that change if necessary. It is very exciting and you will learn so much about you.

So, I meet you, I go through your profile. I'll give you advice if needed from your image, (yes we make our initial opinion in 6 sec) so think of this as the best interviews of your life! You'' be spending more time with this person than you do with people you work/play with. Hopefully ;)

My youngest client is 25 and my eldest client is 83. Some people are just lonely, some are 2nd time around, some are just fed up with the pub scene here and some are just making the wrong choices, picking up "wound mates" instead of soulmates". Let me help you find your twin flame.

Let's make love happen

As The Matchmaker Sharon Kenny I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

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"Stop wasting time with messers on line and meet genuine guys".

"I've got some of the best advice from Sharon, literally life changing, not just in relations to love but all areas of my life. I'm 46 and never thought I'd find love again. You have to give her a try. "

- Tracy age 46 (Clare)

Dating Agency Service

"I don't know why I didn't do this sooner".

"I was with another agency. They put me out on dates like a roller coaster, none of them connected. First lady I met with Sharon liked me, second lady I liked more. We hit gold on the third. It's been life changing. Highly recommend."

- Richard age 72 (Dublin)

Sharon Kenny, Dating Agency

"Sharon was tough on me but looking back I needed a kick in the pants. I was meeting plenty of girls online but they all seemed to be missing what I'm looking for, until Liz. Suppose I need a reality check. I'm happier than ever. Thanks Shaza"

- Larry age 33(Cork)