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I’m Sharon Kenny, Ireland’s #1 matchmaker, and for thirty years (fifteen years, professionally), I have been matching soulmates through a series of steps that ensure a lifetime of love. During that time, I have learned from the best, and I look forward to sharing my remarkable tools, experience, and knowledge, all of which have helped thousands of clients to find their perfect match! All you have to do is be open and available, and you will watch love blossom.

Are you afraid you’ll never find your perfect match? Do you worry and wonder if you will be alone forever? Are you afraid of never being able to share your life with someone? No one wants to spend their lives alone! Does this sound familiar? Then I can help you! My clients are people who are sick and tired of searching for love, and either stuck in a cycle of being single or quickly entering relationships that begin and end far too soon. They believe, like I once did, that they are not ready to find their true love, that they aren’t yet who they could be, but what they don’t realize is that right now, they are the best versions of themselves, and they can fall in love with their soulmate with my help immediately!

I may not be for you, you may not be the one to work with me, but if you feel like you’re stuck and sick of searching, just let’s chat and I with my years of experience see if you’re ready to let me help you find the ONE who you can share amazing experiences with.

Covering Ireland nationwide..from Dublin to Galway, Belfast to Cork and all in between.

"True love is just a call away,
Well done making it this far, I'm here to help you all the way."

My promise to you..
To help you find your 'SPECIAL' one, I genuinely strive to help single individuals discover LOVE and a fulfilling LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP using my personal touch and a authentic, honest approach...
I Meet Every Client Face-To-Face...
Unlike most online professional matchmaking dating services in Dublin, Ireland, I not only personally meet you (and every other client) face to face, I am the person who looks after you on your journey, till you find everlasting love ...
It's all about connection
As your online dating agency in Dublin, I am there to advice you where you can improve (if necessary) and where you can bring the best you to the table. Love is the most important thing in our life. Let's see if you connect with me first so we get each other to make sure I can find your soul mate.

Let's make sure you are ready
for love

“Dating is a relaxing sail not a speedboat. Let’s go on that journey and fall in love with the moments. Let’s bring that desire back into your life and give you the energy to let love in.”


I know what you’re going through. I remember being single (in my case, I was 15 years with someone, which ended… such a long sad story, which took me to this happy story). If I didn’t split up and go through the pain and the recovery, I would not be in such a wonderful position to help you.

Back then the only dating agencies in Dublin were, “Who’s who” and another, “Let’s have Lunch” which is a complete rip off. I knew the wonderful Rachael (from Who’se who) and felt she was too close to match me. I tried online dating first which was a disaster as I met messer after messer. Back then scammers were only starting and I got scammed. Yes, even me who seems so secure. I fell for one of those guys! Through these dating apps, you can only connect with their potential partners digitally without forming any special emotional attachments and so many of the ones I chose were fake!

A pal and I set up Matchmaking with a view, let’s do it for ourselves.

The Matchmaker, Sharon owns Ireland’s top Irish dating agency . She prides herself in listening to you and discovering what you want in your soul mate. From her experience she is able to tell you where you have been going right and wrong and where you can improve.

Though Sharon’s dating agency is based in South Dublin, she is happy to meet anyone living anywhere in Ireland. It is all about, looking for your happiness and that person to share love with . We are all about connection and not rejection. Chat to Sharon today and let’s see love go your way.

Are you fed up with online dating...

Online dating  agencies in Dublin have never before had so many scammers and fake profiles. Because of this The Matchmaker is busier than ever.

Trust is everything in a relationship. Sharon, The Matchmaker takes all your fear out of dating and make sure you meet genuine, authentic people who are looking for long term relationship.

Say good bye to hook ups and people who are in the wrong space to find love. Let’s see your wish list and make sure it make sense to bring that authentic person into your life.

By joining Sharon you not only save time and efforts you cut out all the messers and find your partner on your level

My Matchmaking Packages

Over 30's Dating Agency

Are you fed up with online dating? Do you find all your friends have settled down and feel now it is your turn? As your dating agency for professionals over 30s; I offer you the best and authentic dating experience. So, allow me to lead you down the path of something new and exciting.

Over 40's Dating Agency

Do you keep making wrong choices in a partner? Are you picking up " wound mates"? Allow me to help you meet and connect with your perfect match.

Over 50's Dating Agency

Never before have I met so many people who thought they could live the rest of the life being single and since COVID have realized they want to share their life experience with. You are never too old to fall in love. My eldest client was 84 and joined me instead of going on a cruise (single supplement will never happen again.) LOL!!!

My Approach To Helping You Find TRUE LOVE...!

To help you find your someone special, I will guide you down the right path filled with LOVE & COMPASSION.—replace with Make this a fun journey full of love and compassion


Ephraim Umoh

If you have any questions about love, Sharon will help you take the right road. She knows her stuff. I'd highly recommend her if you're looking for love. My life has not been the same since I met her.

Kim Nolan

Sharon is the type of person you wish to meet but rarely do. Her understanding of people and ability to connect is sensational. If hope is what you need, Sharon has a way of creating hope in everyone that she interacts with. Her guidance has pushed and directed me to my true self.

Ann Bolger

Sharon is so well suited to her job she is naturally a people's person and is highly intuitive in her work . She has given me advice recently that has been so helpful. Sharon has a wonderful ability to be supportive in just the right way which allows the people she helps to be clearer in their own decision making abilities around relationships. I recommend Sharon to any single friends as she is simply the best ♥

Margaret White

You could never meet such a professional matchmaker who puts you first and meets your expectations. She matchmade my friend who wants to keep it private. Thank you for all your help.

Michelle Joyce

Sharon is a wonderful kind and exceptionally professional woman. I met Sharon a couple of years ago and went on a couple of dates, both guys were nice but not for me. I spoke to Sharon as I realised I was not ready, she recommended I find myself first, it was sound advice. I recently met up with Sharon and we had a wonderful chat over coffee, she felt I was a totally different and happier person. I’m back in her capable hands... Let’s see what happens next... Thanks Sharon ❤️

Kathleen Doyle

Sharon is a lovely person and great at given dating advice. You can see she really loves her job. I have been matched with some guys who I wasn't attracted to and felt didn't have some things in with so I dropped I star for that and the fact I haven't found Mr. Right yet.

Jacquie Daly

Sharon is fantastic at what she does..I've seen her in action ! She puts her heart ,which is very big ,into finding people the perfect match. She talks and encouarges people with kindness and care . I can't imagine any other agency that would give the warmth, commitment and knowledge that Sharon gives. Life is for living...go for it!

Paul MacMillan

I was with two other agencies and felt like another number. Sharon Kenny not only match made me she gave advice on how to improve myself, which even my family hadn't told me. I am now in a committed relationship and I'm very thankful to Sharon. She's a lovely person and I wish her the best.

Nigel Kinmonth

Sharon Kenny was a great help to me when I started out on my dating adventure and found me a wonderful gorgeous lady who I had a lovely relationship with for over 18 months but sadly in the end it didn't work out through no fault of Sharon's obviously, lol! But I'm very optimistic and have no doubt that Sharon will find me the girl of my dreams very soon, get busy please Sharon!! -:) 4

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    “Love cures people—both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.

    It’s what makes the world go round… And it is most certainly what makes the difficult ride of life worthwhile.”

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