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During this webinar, you will understand:

he Matchmaker

Why you should take a deep look into where you are coming from, so you are in the perfect position to making the right choices, when it comes to finding love.

he Matchmaker

What to do when you are not loving your life to the full, how to drop your barriers, which will lead to love, on your terms with confidence and clarity. Discover the fantastic secret how the Japanese got it right!

The Matchmaker

How to make that transformation to let love in, understanding the 5 rules to love, so you wake up happy, positive and excited to share your life with that special other.

Meet Sharon

With over 30 years experience Sharon has been passionate about Spreading the Love. She's the proud owner of TheMatchmaker.ie and is Ireland's No.1 Matchmaker, Agony Aunt and Dating Coach she not only introduces you to your Soulmate. Sharon makes sure you connect on a level that will last forever.

Sharon has learned from the best and shares her remarkable tools that worked for her when finding love again and will help you find and keep your future partner by saving you so much time, effort and stress.

"My clients first of all are finding love with piece of mind, yes this is VITAL. This clarity helps them make the right choices. They know I'm 100% behind them to make sure, they break bad habits, we ALL pick up along the way. They then, and only then are they in a position to stop picking up "WoundMates" and meet their SoulMate".

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This Training is for you to Love like you never have before :

The Matchmaker

Ok, I'm NOT for everybody.... I don't want to waste your time or mine if you are not looking for a serious relationship.

CAVIET... Go Away Messers and players! The person I am for is sick and tired of looking for love and need to cop on that a helping hand goes a long way. I WISH I had me 14 years ago. No joke! I would have saved myself so much pain dating the wrong guys, time with messers and making wrong choices to be honest. I didn't believe I needed help. I was stuck on that merry go round and couldn't get off. I just needed a nudge in the right direction and I'm so happy to be able to do that for you here. So...

Are you ready to meet the best version of yourself (and if you think you can't learn from this... YOU ARE WRONG). I thought the same, before I start looking in!

Are you willing to do a bit of work to get you there? Energy Grows Where Energy Flows.

I am looking for individuals who want to transform their love lives, let down their barriers, get rid of (unknown) baggage and find love. I want people who want to create better memories. Yes, retell your story :). Please don't join if you're not one of the above, but if you are, find a buddy who will do the work with you/motivate each other and learn these classic techniques together.

 Make That Best Relationship A Forever Reality.

  • Know what your needs are and stop wasting time bringing in your "wound mate".
  • Learn why your Soulmate is not your other half.
  • Learn to visualise and choose YOUR Mr/Mrs Right.
  • Bring the best YOU to the table.
  • Watch that hop and skip in your step as loving becomes your second nature.

When love goes your way, there is no better Feeling

Dating Coach Course

Sharon Kenny, will help you with your WHY! Ireland's No. 1 Matchmaker

I've no doubt this webinar will put you in the right place to start a relationship, stopping a relationship or making your relationship better.

I believe everything happens for a reason and my marriage break up 14 years ago, has taught me so much. I want to make sure you take the easy road and don't waste valuable time like I did.

We all know breaking up is tough, even if you're only dating a short time (you can fall in love in 3 weeks, I did and was there 22 years later... another story). Breaking up is painful. I'm here to help you get over that overwhelmed feeling faster and move with new patterns to help your new relationship last forever.

"I've studied with the rest to make me the best" at what I do and help you learn there is a right way and no need to go the slow painful root to move on. For your own sanity and happiness do it the right way, move on with the tools that will help your next relationship last forever.

Ireland's No.1 Matchmaker, Sharon Kenny,

  • Are you fed up being single and possibly making wrong choices?
  • Are you second time around and need a helping hand? 
  • Are you sick and tired of online dating and not even the pub scene?
  • Are you missing a single community?
  • Why be alone when you can be join us for free!
The Matchmaker


Love them, loving us...


"I've gotten some of the best advice from Sharon, literally life changing. You have to give her a try. I have no doubt this will change your you and dating for life!"

- Kathy (Ireland)


"I just needed a nudge in the right direction. I can see where I was going wrong. My Dating through this course has never been better".

- Louise (Cork)

"If you have been doing this by yourself, you don't know what you're missing. Sharon will impress you to say the least. It's not "all work and no play", it is great fun".

- David (Dublin)

Your Answers to Everlasting Love

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