Why Trust Matchmaking /Dating Services
To Find Your Soulmate?

Fed up swiping left and right?
Fed up being ghosted, when you feel you were getting on great? 
Fed up being friend zoned?
It’s time to meet The Matchmaker, Sharon Kenny and really understand what you can do to improve and find love sooner. 

Sharon Kenny covers Ireland Nationwide, from Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford to make sure you find your soulmate who gets you. 

“It’s all about you. You tell me what you are looking for? You tell me the distance you’ll travel (unlike other agencies I listen and there are no extra fees) I won’t put you out on a date in Kerry if you’re never that direction and you’re from Dublin and don’t wish to travel. Or from Belfast and won’t date further than Drogheda. It’s your call”. 
I have helped thousands of singles in Ireland find love. Find their soulmate, even more correctly find their signature other. 

Love is one of the most important things in our lives. 
Your just a call away from finding love. 
Feel free to text me 086 0 711 711 and I can call you back. Sharon here ♡♡

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How The Matchmaker Does Things Differently That Works In Match Making?

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