Looking for a Matchmaking Agency in Ireland?
70% of people go for like personality

If you are looking for a Matchmaking Agency in Ireland, look no further! I've been at this for decades and love helping people find true love...

If think about it. You are looking for someone to compliment you. This is not just a stylish man or lady on your arm. This is someone who GETS you.

Someone NOT who is there to make YOU laugh, but someone you can laugh with. You do not look for someone to fill a gap, but someone to inhanse your life with.

This is true love. This us sharing experirnces. 

We are all about connection and avoid rejection. All we want is someone to love and love us back.

Let me help you choose your love. Call 086 0 711 711 Sharon and let’s see love go your way. 

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So Many Questions Keep Popping Up Inside Your Head Left, Right And Centre.

With so many pitfalls involved in dating, finding a Mr/Mrs Right in Ireland isn’t always a walk in the park. That said, I (Sharon Kenny) as your relationship/dating consultant looking after you across  Ireland from Dublin, Galway, Cork , Limerick believe I can help you find what you’re searching.

At The Matchmaker

I’m here 24*7 to help you find love (text now if you like 0860 711 711). Start Your Own Story Today… Book Consultation

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