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You may have fabulous looking heels or a killer suit in your wardrobe- except for the fact that they don’t fit you as comfortably as they ought to. So, rather than trying to fit into something which clearly isn’t ideal for you; why not try and dress comfortably.

While it is important to wear something nice for your 1st date, try not to overdo it and in the process loose what makes you- YOU. Pick clothes which you know will both serve the purpose of the date and keep you comfortable and relaxed all through!

Remember ladies desire is created by letting the guys imagination grow. Do not over expose yourself to leave something for the imagination. Gents, make an effort, dress smartly and feel proud of yourself.

Keep it simple. Make sure you get the opportunity to bond by feeling that little bit vulnerable.

We discover our best connections and create upon when we let our barriers down

All you need to be is your authentic self. There is no point pretending to be someone that you are not. Love is about creating that bond with someone who gets you and appreciate your quirkiness. Remember there is no such thing as perfection, you are not perfect, they are not perfect, what we can fall in love with is the imperfection in others.

“It’s not what I think of me. It’s not what you think of me. It’s what I think you think of me “.  Coley

1st dates are all about getting to know each other. It’s not what we say that makes the difference for that first initial seven seconds, it’s what we see in front of us, how we carry ourselves with confidence, how we hold eye contact and smile. Don’t be afraid of the silence and don’t feel it’s necessary to fill the gaps constantly.

Connection is all about a balanced conversation. If you feel you are doing all the talking, pull back and start asking open questions. This will show more confidence in you and make you feel more relaxed and you will allow that other person to open up more.

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