Let's make that connection

We have to get each other. I may not be for you. You may not be for me. We need to see that we can work together and we start with that initial chat. 

I know it is lonely out there. I also know you have to be in a good space and ready to move on. 

This is not on line dating. This is you meeting your genuine partner, your soulmate. This is about you bringing the best authentic you to the table so you can meet your match. 

I’m not going to take you on if your not ready. I will guide you in the right direction to get you there. 

You are just one call away from finding love. Let’s see is this for you. Call 📞 086 0 711 711 or text and we can chat.

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As your Matchmaker-Who I look after?

I have been there, I know how tough it is not only to make time for you, but also to make time for dating. The last thing you want to is to waste time looking at fake profiles online and meeting people who do not turn out to be like they are in their photos. I am here to help you find that person who will get you and appreciate your situation. Let’s bring that skip back into your step and find your love.

After years of being married, and then divorced or widowed, it can be very lonely. Getting out there again into the dating agency and feel like so much pressure as The Matchmaker I gently bring you back into the dating field again in a smooth and loving way to bring love into your life.  I will help put the laughs, fun, excitement and butterflies into finding your real companion.

Ireland is very international now. I have clients from all over the world. This is for you if you intend to find your love in Ireland. As I meet everyone face to face, if you are living abroad it is vital you come and meet me face to face. I have clients from every continent of the world, from Asia to America who are looking for love. Feel free to call me and see if I can help you.

I know very well how crucial it is to match with someone who understands where you are coming from. I am here to chat and guide you in the right direction. Feel free to give me a call and I will do my best to help you.

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