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5 Tools to have love come and stay from the Matchmaker

Moving into a positive relationship. We are mysteries and explore ourselves more than ever before. We are conscious of our Mindfulness, Purpose in life, Why we get sick, Why we suffer from stress? It all comes from Fear and procrastination.

I've been the Matchmaker, matchmaking for 14 years and I see people with regrets because they don't appreciate their power of choice. They don't make that simple change. They all say "I should have done this years ago". One of the most important things in our lives from the little choice to the big ones is the choice of who we choose in relationships as our intimate soulmate. 97% want to be in a intimate relationship, someone to cuddle up to and share stories and experiences with.

What's vital to do is listen with your heart and your gut. Let love come from your soul and let it in.

When you, your ego questions yourself ... Am I in love? Have I met the one? Why havn't I?

We are coming from fear and we will attract the same. What we dream about and think about we being about. You need to bring love into your life from your soul not your ego or else you'll create an unhealthy body. Negative minds create a negative body.

People are full of fear. That's why we say "Mind yourself", that's all about thinking from the soul. That's why we procrastinate and stop love coming our way. We need to take action, rather than "what will be will be", or "Love won't pass me by". We are given free will and choice. Don't over think them go with your gut and take action. What one new little step will you take to make a change. Join #21DaysDatingChallenge on Facebook and let's motivate eachother

We need to start making decisions. First one...


Be honest and believe in all your actions. Respect others and yourself. Be loyal to you.

Morals and Values are King when it comes to wellness.

When you do wrong to yourself or others, your body & mind knows. Karma, you will cause undue stress on your body.

MAKE A DECISION TO PASS ON YOUR WISDOM NOT YOUR SUFFERING. Which will make you happier. Why choose the negative when deep down it will make us sicker. We have all suffered. Why did my marriage end? Where did I go wrong? Next thing is to blame. Where does that get you? Especially if you've kids.

I live next door to my ex now. We have a fab relationship and our 3 fab. boys go through the whole in the hedge. They have two happy parents and two full fridges :)

We do ask the Why? Grief is terrible yes but it's not about forgetting. It's about knowing this can be your source of wisdom. WISDOM or WOW.

I turned this into my course of WISDOM. #21DaysDatingChallenge I'm now Ireland's most successful matchmaker, who not only matches you but makes sure with my relationship advice, that you will be in the best place to make the most out of your relationship. I thank God for my tough times that made me the person I am today, with no regrets!

TAKE RISKS IN YOUR LIFE Don't wait for proof. What If??? Keep away from it! When I see relationships break down you will always face regrets, You wish you visited the life you feel you should have lived. Everyone who has unfinished businesses with an ex always checks them out again. Look on ex's as positive bridges who will take you, when you're ready to your next soulmate.

Fear is what stops love, in some form. Excused because of fears.

The best things that happen are usually to do with taking the scary path.

Why do I public speak? Because it was my fear I conquered and I know I have so much to share. I stepped outside my comfort zone with little steps, I want to share my tools with you to make sure love comes your way. I've seen so many relationships go wrong which don't need to. I'll help you ground yourself, know yourself and challenge yourself. Be proud of yourself.

Be in the now. Your newness. Listen the words you say to yourself. Listen to your thoughts. Stay positive and watch how strong you are.

Fear is toxic. Start your day by blessing it. Thank you .... I am alive. Thank you.... I am enough. "This day will never happen again, just this way. The people, colours, images will never be the same.

Surround yourself with gratitude and love. Be a happier, positive you. and let's see love go your way and stay!

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