Professional Dating Agency

Dating Agencies Differ in Dublin

How is The different?

All professional agencies meet you.

Unlike other… we base our relationship on trust and do not take a deposit before the meeting. Why? Because we feel if we do not have anyone who will suit you, at this time, we do not deserve being paid for our meeting, although we do give valuable advice.

We agree to four dates in twelve months, as every case is different and it is totally up to you…”take your time” you can also say “I want to date my second and STILL come back for your third date. This is so you are not waiting around for 12 when you want to settle down now.

Sharon advises on your look, your image. “It is in my best interest to matchmaker you from your first date. If I see or hear a mistake, that is recurring from other dates, I will advise you to make sure that won’t happen again. Helping you meet your perfect match is my aim!”.

I am like that big or little sister and really looking forward to keeping my 80% plus in relation to having you dating at least one of your dates…with an aim to them being your soulmate!

Call 0860711711 and talk to Sharon directly now.

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