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Dating Agency For Young Professionals

Dating Agency For Young Professionals? [Click Here For The Secrets!]

Don’t wait until it is too late!

Ask any professional over 50 and they will all tell you the same thing, they wished they had created a better work/life balance when they were younger.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring career wise for your dreams but it is also nice to be able to share the adventure with someone!

It is common for people who have committed their lives to their careers to one day wake up and realise that something is missing. That they don’t have that soul mate to share their life with, to create amazing memories and experiences with.

They have everything except that one thing.

Sometimes given certain professions it can be “inappropriate” to be publicly seen on those free apps that plaster your personal details all over online for all to see.

Maybe you have had a bad experience in the past and sometimes it is very hard to get back out there when it comes to finding love, especially since lockdown.

Or your just too busy to waste time texting strangers on those silly free apps with flirty conversations constantly going nowhere. I know that for me it can be a massive distraction when I am trying to be in the “work zone” and my phone is constantly “dinging” away, whilst at times it can be a welcome distraction and makes me smile at the time, however personally ultimately I find myself having to stop communicating with that person because my productivity at work is so impacted.

However then I would go home and I would wish I had that special someone to cuddle up on the couch with, talk about my day, watch TV and then spend my free time going on adventures with. All the while feeling like I am actually working towards something serious. That I was investing my time in someone worthwhile who gets my vibe and understands my need to prioritise work at times without making me feel guilty. 

I am sure you know the same feelings?

Do you find yourself wanting to share the life that you have worked so hard to create?

With my personal Match Making Agency it doesn’t have to be this way.

These days most matchmakers are using Zoom or you meet with the owner briefly and then get passed onto some random member of staff. The client gets lost in these large agencies because it is impossible for them to be provided with one on one attention. The difference between myself and other matchmakers is that I will personally meet with you from the very start and help you create your profile and then based on your wish list I will pair you with people who I believe will excite and intrigue you. I will then help you review those dates and “calibrate” until we eventually find that special someone! As a team you and I will work together the whole time until we find you that special person that you have been looking for.

All of my matchmaker clients are genuinely looking for love, they are looking for that special person to share their life with.

Also you should know that all of your details are completely confidential and will only be sent to other people that you approve…. I do not have a public website etc of clients. All of my clients are completely vetted by myself and I do not setup casual one night stands. I take this all very seriously.

Everything is completely tailored to suit you and your schedule. You will receive the personal VIP treatment from me from the very start right until I find you your soul mate!

I am SO proud to be the highest rated matchmaker in Ireland when you google “Dating Agency Reviews” I also have the highest number of submitted reviews which is incredible considering I am a One Woman Company and not like those other big agencies with lots of staff. It is so common to see a “5 Star Rated Business” with just a couple of reviews, it takes time and consistency to constantly build the amount of consistent 5 star reviews.

Life is too short to put love on hold!

It’s time to be excited again! It’s time to have fun again!

My name is Sharon Kenny I am Ireland’s number one matchmaker with over 30 years experience, I know how to get it right.

I didn’t invent matchmaking but I sure as hell perfected it!

Call me today 0860711711  And let’s see love go your way.

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