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How Much Does It Cost To Join A Dating Agency

How Much Does It Cost To Join A Dating Agency? [Only Click If You Are Serious]

Just like that classic saying “how long is a piece of string?” 

The cost of joining a dating agency varies incredibly, you have the “free” apps with all the hidden costs, same with matchmaking services… The truthful answer is that there is no real fixed price. Ultimately you get what you pay for. You truly get what you pay for and we all know the quality on those free apps.

Think of it like getting a house repaired, how do you know the real cost of repair until the true damage is assessed?

Every client requires a different level of attention, and as a personal matchmaker I don’t pawn off my clients onto some random employee of mine. I maintain a direct relationship with them and I am always available 24/7 to help talk them through difficult situations they may be having on a date etc.

I have several different fixed packages that offer varying levels of “attention” and “education” alongside my regular matchmaking programs where a client would sign up for a certain amount of dates.

This is definitely not a one size fits all type of situation.

For over 30 years I have been recognized as Ireland’s number 1 matchmaker.

I provide confidential, highly personalised services to people serious about falling in love and finding their soul mate. I do not facilitate hook ups, I take the time to truly learn all about those who I am matching, that is why my success rate is so high and my reputation so flawless.

For instance my cliental includes a lot of professionals that have just been so committed to their career that time has simply slipped by and now they are looking for that right partner to share the rest of their life with and create new and exciting adventures.

In this digital age, you cannot beat the personal touch!

Ask yourself…. What is real true love worth to you?

My name is Sharon Kenny I am Ireland’s number one matchmaker with over 30 years experience, I know how to get it right.

I didn’t invent matchmaking but I sure as hell Perfected it!

Call me today 0860711711  And let’s see love go your way.

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