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How To Start Dating Agency

How To Start Dating Agency [Only Click Here If You Are Serious!]

Starting with a dating agency / Professional Matchmaker is simple…pick up the phone!

Forget these silly free phone apps, all they do is waste your time and mental health with conversations that go nowhere, or just people looking to hook up.

If your serious about finding love then it’s time to get serious!

For example: Say suddenly the electric in your home stopped working what would you do? Call a professional!

Maybe you have been putting work first? Or you have had a relationship end, let’s be honest Covid really did a number on us all! We all have our sad stories but it is time to get back out there.

These days most matchmakers are using Zoom or you meet with the owner and then get passed onto some random member of staff. The difference between myself and other matchmakers is that I will personally meet with you and help you create your profile and then based on your wish list I will pair you with people who I believe will excite and intrigue you. I will help you review those dates and “calibrate” until we eventually find that special someone!

Also you should know that all of your details are completely confidential and will only be sent to other people that you approve…. I do not have a public website etc of clients. All of my clients are completely vetted by myself and I do not setup casual one night stands. I take this all very seriously.

I will be with you every step of the way as you experience some incredible new adventures and meet some great new compatible people.

Life is too short to put love on hold! 

My name is Sharon Kenny I am Ireland’s number one matchmaker with over 30 years experience, I know how to get it right.

I didn’t invent matchmaking but I sure as hell Perfected it!

Call me today 0860711711  And let’s see love go your way.

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