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It doesn’t matter whether you are 29 or 69 years old.

78% of us have to deal with loosing someone and most wish to get back out there again. It is actually hardest for mature men as they are less inclined to talk to their friends. They are less inclined to talk about their feelings and emotions. It’s the loneliness which is the hardest part for all though. If you have been married or in a long relationship the majority of your life it really is tougher taking that first step to dating again.

How do I start dating again?

When do I go for a kiss if you feel there is chemistry and a spark?

How do I come across to another partner sexually or does even using that word make you cringe?

The next line is usually, “all I’m looking for is someone to cuddle up with”.

Most start criticising themselves and then because of feeling silly, do nothing.

The thing is all you have to do is be yourself.

Take everything from holding hands to the first kiss at your own pace.

Don’t over thing, just enjoy.

I got a text this morning from a gent who was married 25 years and is now a widow. He genuinely didn’t know Val was interested. As the matchmaker I am I get rid of all the “not” I am not sure, not sure if shes interested and the last line says it all, “not confident”. I have the advantage of being that middle man and helping bring up his confidence by letting him know that she is interested. Now this guy is age 64 but the same applies if she’s 34.

So if this part of rejection is denied and you don’t have to face it, it is fair to say by going through the matchmaker and me being able to work that middleman action, I can and will help.

Call me and let’s chat. Love could be a call away.

I didn’t invent Matchmaking, but I perfected it!

So just help me by sharing this…help me help others :}

Lots of love

Sharon xx: The Matchmaker who helps make it happen!

Call 0860711711 and talk to Sharon directly now.

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