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The Ticking Clock

Have you ever had a birthday coming up and thought, “Jeepers another birthday I’m going to spend being single! How does this keep happening?” Another birthday where you tell your friends “at least being single I can treat myself to a present I really wanted!” The Oscar for best

performance in the role “Single & Loving It” is all yours!

Another year, and now you’ve just set the text on your phone to Large! The eyesight is failing! No one calls me “That guy over there” or “This young lady here”! It’s now Sir and Madam how did you become a single version of your parents!?

You’re a decent person. You quite like yourself! You’re funny, laid back, intelligent, attractive etc..

All the things the dating Gurus advise you to be! But still this nagging panic in the back of the head & the heart “What if I never Find the one!?”

Well it will happen! So relax and let’s look at this from a rational point of view.

Firstly take a look at your life, can you honestly say you’re doing everything in your power to put yourself out and about?

I get a lot of clients at The Matchmaker who aren’t into the pub scene and that’s fine, but there are plenty of other scenes!

I recently heard from a friend how she decided to take a chance and go to an archery display. Afterwards she was offered a chance to have a go herself. Here she met the guy she’s currently dating! He was her instructor. She’s 47, she did something out of her usual comfort zone!

Try it! For some of you joining me, Sharon Kenny at The Matchmaker might be out of your comfort Zone!

At The Matchmaker we have all ages looking for love, but the majority of our clients are mature professional people looking for a quality relationship.

We are living longer as a species, we don’t get married till later now. Even age differences aren’t as Taboo as they used to be (more on that in another blog)

The rules aren’t fixed or rigid anymore. Life doesn’t begin at 40 anymore it begins at 60!

Slow down because that panic will come across to anyone you encounter. It comes across as needy.

And we all know needy isn’t attractive.

Anyone remember the Pepe Le Pew cartoons!! That poor love starved skunk with the sexy French accent!?

So relax, take a moment and still yourself and ask yourself these questions.

Am I the only Single Person at my age?

What is the population of the county or province I live in?

Chances are with these two questions you’ve realised you’re not alone in your “situation”

So breathe.

Take a step away from the negative thinking and stop watching the clock.

There’s actually an advantage to being single at a late age! I swear, and it’s more than just having the money to buy a Superking bed all for yourself!

The fact is at this age you know yourself better than you did when you met your last mistake!

So this time when someone of lesser quality than you deserve crosses your path, you won’t be wasting your time!

At this age we don’t do Time Wasters anymore. So if you’re really truly feeling ready for love and with someone of quality then pop along to The

And know honestly that there is a lot of people of all ages out there looking for love so regardless of your age you will find love its inevitable!

It’s even more inevitable if you come to me Sharon Kenny, the Matchmaker I have had huge success with weddings and engagements to my list of achievements.

So take it from me the expert in Matchmaking it absolutely can happen for you no matter what age you are!

Keep believing in yourself

Keep loving you!

Lots of love

Sharon Kenny The Matchmaker.

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