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3 Top Tools & Dating Tips During COVID

I used to say, it’s never been easier to meet someone and never been harder to fall in love, but now I say the complete opposite. It has never been easier to fall in love and never been harder to meet the right someone.

All we are all looking for is happiness. That connection with someone who gets us. That spark and feeling that you bond from the gut. But with so much fear out there it makes dating next to impossible.

With online dating it is all about meeting asap. You NEED to make sure you are not being CATFISHED but need to see their face and know are there potential loving/liking feelings. It really is about that initial admiration and maybe even some desire. Our brain is triggered in 2 ways through these What's app or Zoom calls. One by attraction and also by chat. That smile and eye contact that can lead to admiration. It's very simple really. This is lockdown level 5. 30% more chatting and connection are happening over chats. People truly are more patient and not rushing into it. Yes, you can fall in love over the

Level 3 starts with a meeting, but will you meet? Are you in the 5k limit? Will she/he meet over Covid? People are taking parents and family into account here too. Could you bring something home? Has that other person been out of the country? Do you feel at risk? What are their views on meeting if they are in the 5k area? Do these things matter to them and if they don’t, do your values match?

Because of the above I feel people are being more real. They are not meeting up online with 5 at a time and going for pick and miss. They are choosing with more authentic intentions.

They are asking REAL questions from the start. What are you looking for? (Get rid of the messers).

You can still date successfully even in these strange and isolating times. All it takes is the right agreed environment. Wear your mask, go for a walk. You can create desire and work on that bonding as easily as this.

The Importance of dating

Dating is not just enjoyable and exhilarating, it is also necessary. As human beings, we need connection to those around us and that is what makes dating in Dublin, Ireland during COVID so crucial. In a time of social isolation, we must still come together and keep each other company even if that is done through different ways. Dating down the country is much harder with the distance. It needs to start with Zoom or What’sApp or what ever camera chat suits you.

Start that face to face chat asap on social media and get each others Vibe.

1. Two of my clients ( Moira and John - not their real names) who have met over Covid, even after 3 weeks of Zooming feel they have made that intimate bonding connection. It is great to be trusted and both followed my advice, in keeping that positive energy over Zoom going. After their initial chat they discovered they had lots in common.

2. I encouraged them to do Dr John DeMartini’s Principles to determine what is really important to them, to help them both know their Values better. That’s where they made their connection and realised they were on the same page. It can work.

3. Next date was his turn, he choose to cook spaghetti bolognese and she cooked at the same time, his recipe. They had such a laugh and because they were coming from a vulnerable position, as both are not great cooks, they had fun chatting over What’sApp and sharing their giggles over cooking.

4. Next date was her choice and she chose to Discuss 36 Questions to Love. I gave them each a copy and it helped them learn more about their own views and each others. Because John is an introvert the questions helped take him out of his comfort zone. Moira really felt it stopped her waffling, just because she wanted to stay longer on the phone.

5. One of the Questions is “Who is your favourite Uncle and why? Mine for example is my Uncle Tom, cos he made me laugh. What that says about me is that fun and laugher are high on my value list. It is all about opening up and being the most authentic genuine you.

Bring the best version of you on this date. Do make an effort and dress up even if it is virtual. You need to do this to attract your twin flame. You need to be admired at this early stage.

1. Know (and stick to) your values: We’ve all got values that we always have to prioritize above all else. Needs change as we age and adapt, but values remain ever-present. Not sure what they are for you? These are things that you hold dear to you and that are all about you, rather than the other person you’re with. For example: mine are health, happiness through loving connections, adventure, and exploration and lots of fun with those around me that make me feel surrounded by positive people. If you need support in understanding what your values are, try our FREE call with or just follow the podcast, ‘QueenofHearts’.

2. Your thoughts create your actions: You need to get out of your fear zone and let love in. Sure, you may not be able to date ‘normally’ during COVID, but you can try the above dates, or hobbies you are interested in. Ben and Jill, for instance, started out a lot of those first steps in a relationship over 6 dates. The first one, they spent walking and talking. The second one was a picnic date. The third one was their first kiss. Change your thoughts and you’ll be able to enjoy these small heartwarming milestones yourself! Need more advice? Join me on my #21DaysDatingChallenge on Facebook, again this is FREE over Covid. All it needs is 15 mins a day and you to put some work into you.

3. Connection is relative: While dating in Dublin is possible using conventional options, try Zoom dating in Dublin and around the country instead to start! We all know it is lonely out there. Connection is about emotion and sentimentality rather than physical connection and getting together. Join our tribe at #21DaysDatingChallenge and let’s bring out the best in YOU. Bring dating into the 21st century and try Zoom to join my zoom webinar. You’ll be able to enjoy the connection and even a better YOU for a healthier relationship!

Are you reading to make changes for the better in your dating life? Give me, Sharon Kenny, a call at 086 0711 711 and I’ll be more than happy to use my experience to help you find that fulfilling relationship you’re looking for.

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Love, fulfillment and happiness.

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