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When love goes your way

My name is Sharon Kenny, I am the MatchMaker in Ireland that makes a difference to your life.

I have been in the Dating Agency business in Ireland for five years now. I started Matchmaking even before I left school. I set up five couples for their debs night and have been Matchmaking ever since. After I matched family members and friends with partners, I realised I had a unique and special talent, which was put to good use after I ran social and fun events for the over 28’s, and so began my journey into the business of Matchmaking. I have never looked back! few can say they love their job:), I am one of the lucky ones.

From there, people asked me to match make them, so I started one of the best and most respected dating agencies in Ireland.

I am a relationship expert on many Radio stations from Q102 in Dublin to Redfm in Cork and also give advice and recommend approaches to clients daily. With one aim!….to make sure love goes their way.

A journalist from the Irish Times who is doing a piece tomorrow on a young lady of 27 yrs who is single and how she should deal with meeting Mr Right. I asked her why she came to me even though I am not at the Top of the search engines. She said, “because you came across the most caring and genuine”. That means a lot, because that is who I am and linked with finding you the perfect partner, that is my aim in your search for Love. (The article will be in the Irish Times tomorrow 8/10/13). More and more professional females are becoming disillusioned about meeting Mr Right in their early years. Many clients as young as 24 who are in legal firms, accountants, teachers, HR, and nurses, see attractive wonderful ladies in their late 30’s and are starting with Dating Agencies including, because they don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket. They want to settle down now and not feel as if they may have to settle for second best in their later years.

The Gents are usually self employed, same thing, worked hard and maybe played hard and now realise, I want a family, as apposed to the ladies feeling, I want a man. They usually work in careers that are male orientated like engineers, architects, accountant, I.T. teaching, medicine, science.

At the end of the day they have one thing in common.

They have everything going for them but love!

That’s where I come in…So if you’re in your mid to late 20’s, and 30’s 40’s,50’s, 60’s, or any age really…and looking for that special love in your life, consider that helping hand. Call me Sharon 0860711711 and let me bring love your way!

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