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36 Questions that lead to love over Covid

“Sharon gave me the confidence to meet my match and no doubt she’ll do the same for you. These questions really had me going into the date so positive and helped me get rid of my predating nerves”.

You have no idea how my passion exploded when I read this article that went viral in the New York Times.

Professor Arthur Avon and his wife Elaine Avon PhD, have been working on ways and methods of falling in love. They came up with 36 Questions. I’m taking it one step further. I targeted the questions even more specifically for my clients and have found it really works.

As The MatchMaker (for over 14 years now) my way is to find people a partner to love and give you the tools to help it last forever. I’m as the middle lady, if needed, to get that first date to the second date and onto the third date…

Because of tinder and other online dating methods, people often approach dating like an interview. It has become more superficial and is regularly treated as more of a hookup. When you come to me, you get single ladies and gents looking for an authentic relationship.

Over covid, dating has changed so much. Real people are more realistic and know the answer to meeting the right people is to go to come to me. It is tougher than ever to meet someone. But, on a good point, it is more real. Contact online is up 30%, people are more considerate and thoughtful. People are not wasting each other’s time as much, mainly because they are clearer on what they are looking for. The trick is to get your story right. This is the best interview of your life.

The 36 questions can really help to remove the pressure of early dates, by adding more of a fun element. We can all banter about ourselves and know how to tell our story in 3 minutes, or we should! We all know how to balance the questions by being a good listener too. But watch what happens when you use the 36 Questions To Love from The MatchMaker…

Example 1: one question I included years ago on my website was simple and sweet: “Who is your favourite Uncle and why?”. In my case, it’s my Uncle Tom, cos he’s fun with a cheeky smile and makes me laugh. What this says about me is, I’m looking for this in my partner. All the questions are there to probe. They help you be more vulnerable and this is a very fast efficient way to create closeness.

Example 2: If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be? Think about how you would answer that question. In other words, what’s your superpower. Yes, to create desire and fall in love with someone who ignites your passion for things or yourself bring your best you. What is your superpower? Over these times we want to make dating fun and bring our best selves to the table, more than ever.

Example 3: If you could see yourself 5 years down the road and see yourself, your life, your future or anything else what would you like to know?

I’ve had so much fun asking my friends, the other half, and my family these questions. I’ve discovered so much about them and surprisingly I’ve discovered so much about myself.

Last week I interviewed a terrific guy called Jim, aged 44, who told me all his friends are married. He came to me to meet his other half. Through the above questions I specifically put together for him I discovered he was missing a male friend too. As I’ve so many contacts I was able to share that with him too. At the end of the day, a happier client makes dating easier, and truth be told me so happy too.

I’m so grateful that I have the ability to bring these 36 questions into my life and would recommend everyone, in a relationship or not, to follow through and email me. Let me know if you are an introvert or an extrovert if you are married or single. I’ll send you the 36 questions to love to suit you. Just email or text 0860711711 and let’s see love go your way.

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