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Dating Online During Corona

It has never been easier to swipe right or left in times like this. Corona has changed our dating habits completely. But I feel it will help many of us grow stronger relationships, when starting dating.

Lets start with your profile. This is for those looking for a long term Relationship. If your looking to just "play the field" do the opposite. But, everyone wants respect at the end of the day so choose wisely. NEVER before have you to up your game more. Which is your chosen pic. Send 3 to your 3 besties and let them choose. Take into account your Values and wish list.

Ladies by showing to much skin, leaving nothing to the imagination remember, you're going to come across "easy". Leave something to the imagination. You need to create desire, that's about building the relationship. Showing you're a high values catch ;). Guys showing their 6 pack will get the love too but don't choose as your first pic!

Guys feel more valued when the girls bikini pic is shared just for them rather to the dating world. The right photo increases your chances 67% so bring on that happy smile that portrays a happy content person.

Make your bio stand out by being REAL and don't be afraid to show Vulnerability. Be honest and get rid of the messers. "High Valued Lady, looking for Same ". Cheeky, cheesy, confident and challenging in the best way"...

When he/she comes back ask, so what did you like about my profile. Make sure they put in a bit of work. ;) End texts with " ;) " or :) so you don't look like you're a bunny boiler and that you're chilled happy person!

If they start with "hi" say, "seriously is that all you've got".

I had a client who said she couldn't get him on the phone, more than a "how's your day?" She likes him but the whole Corona has put them on hold. When I got back to him. He said he just didn't want to be pushy. They just went on 2 dates. She was letting him lead, but there is no harm the lady leading too. Suggestions are always open.

Challenge each other to make sure you're on the same level, to enjoy your chat. Activate that similar energy. Be different. Add your hobbies and interests as it creates a bond to have similar interests.

For fun, as both of you are exploring, Ask " Do you know your Love Language", it is great to know.. re communication. Talking their language can lead to so much more clarity. (I'LL SEND IN ANOTHER TEXT DEIRDRE)

In the past I would say, get out on that date asap and check each other out for real. Now, it's about, get to what's app asap. Know your standards and get that feeling of being exclusive. You want each other to know your available to them. Show up and be there. Keep your eyes open for Red Flags. Them not showing up. Texting others at the same time. You'll feel it in your gut.

Get to that call and check out each others vibe. Be light hearted.

On what's app don't be afraid to suggest a date night. Over a Netflix's you both like. Set up the camera so you can both chat giggle and get to know each other better.

Agree to take turns cooking, buying the same ingredients and cooking at the same time. Compare dinners and enjoy.

Deirdre I've also got 36 Questions to Love on my web They do work with creating a more bonded relationship. Proven by Dr Arthur Avon.

So go for it and remember each date is a lesson and will bring you closer to finding you and your soulmate. We are in a relationship for a reason, season or forever. Know your true values and go for it.

I've lots of hints and tips on my YouTube. I'm also available for FREE chats over this Corona time. if anyone needs help.

Let me know if I can add more. 0860711711

Sharon xx 

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