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First Time Ever I Saw Your Face!

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, this of course is absolutely true.

We all make immediate decisions and conclusions on a person the minute we see them.

Here at I believe in giving straight up advice to my clients when I send them on a first date. From appearance to conversational no nos.

So I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a short list of do’s and don’ts for the big night!


Make a concerted effort with your appearance. The most important thing is of course cleanliness.

Now you may think “Jeez Sharon we all know to shower before a date!”

But you wouldn’t believe how many people go out in a shirt they’ve worn the night before or old jeans, so while they may have had a shower it doesn’t look it.

So keep the outfit simple, stylish, & above all something that’s clean and suits you and you feel comfortable in.

Clean well-groomed hair is a must for both men and women!


Wear anything that you feel uncomfortable in, or that you have to adjust constantly. It will make you look nervous and you wont look confident.


Relax and try have fun. This isn’t a job interview! It’s supposed to be fun! Let your sense of humour shine! Display your intellect, don’t be afraid to be you! Be confident and relaxed and of course be yourself.


Talk about the exes!! I cannot stress this enough! Here at I advise all my clients so many times no to mention their exes. It’s suffice to say you were married and now divorced, or that you had one long-term relationship and are now single.

Don’t go into details about the breakup or how you feel about it. Steer clear of that one!


Feel free to do something different to the normal coffee or drink. How about a walk in the park if that’s more your thing? Be comfortable and safe with whatever you decide to do.


Meet someone from online in their home or invite them to yours! Safety with online dating is paramount. Who people say they are online may not be who they actually are.

I think that’s why coming to me #SharonKenny at is a safer better option.

I personally vet each person thoroughly!

But if you must online date do give as much details including phone numbers of the individual you are meeting.


Smile and have fun, swap fun stories and above all enjoy your evening. Don’t rush ahead too fast allow any potential relationship to develop in its own natural time.


Be late! It’s polite to be on time it shows respect for your date and demonstrates interest.

Of course if unforeseen circumstances delay you, that can’t be helped. So call or message to explain I would always advise a call. A phone call stands out today in a world of texting.

Well I hope I have given you some basic tips to help make your first date as successful as can be.

I will of course go into more details on upcoming blogs about good outfits for different types of dates etc..

But for now relax enjoy the dating and if you find the harsh world of online dating too much for you, don’t hesitate to contact me Sharon Kenny at #The and I will find you your perfect match!

Keep Loving Yourself

Lots of Love

Sharon Kenny The

Call 0860711711 and talk to Sharon directly now.

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