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One To One Dating Agency

One To One Dating Agency [Only Click If You Are Serious!]

What really does a One To One Dating Agency mean? It means that compared to those free apps that everyone else is wasting their time on, you actually deal with a professional dating agency or matchmaker that gives you complete personal attention.

Unlike those silly apps with me this is serious.

Finding you love is my mission!

When I meet you I get to know the real you and create a profile for you (just as all my other clients have) then you tell me your wish list and I make sure that you match with people that actually click with you and get your vibe.

Over the years I have created an incredible system, based on integrity, truth and trust. By believing in my system and trusting Me and the process you will be in a position to let down your barriers and let love in and find the love of your life!

Sometimes sparks fly on the first date! But it’s pretty rare to find love on the first date so its from there that I work my magic. On your adventure to find your soul mate you will go on potentially several fun dates whilst you and I really figure out who is perfect for you.

Unlike other dating agencies because I meet every single person face-to-face. I don’t just meet with you over zoom and then pass you onto some random employee, from the very beginning till you meet that special one, I will be your personal guide, as you go on arranged dates we will “calibrate” until we find that magic mix and ultimately your soul mate!

Also you should know that all of your details are completely confidential and will only be sent to other people that you approve…. I do not have a public website etc of clients. All of my clients are completely vetted by myself and I do not setup casual one night stands. I take this all very seriously.

Life is too short to put love on hold! 

My name is Sharon Kenny I am Ireland’s number one matchmaker with over 30 years experience, I know how to get it right.

I didn’t invent matchmaking but I sure as hell Perfected it!

Call me today 0860711711  And let’s see love go your way.

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