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The MatchMaker That Puts Love Your Way & Links With Dr Kaye Who Will Give You The Tools To Work

Dr Kayes 8 Pathways To Love To Put You On Your Right Path

Which Pathway Suits You?

Sharon Kenny, The MatchMaker brings the World Renowned Leader in Relationships Dr Kaye, to Ireland, to teach you, the right way to find love and keep it.

Why? ” As high as 50% divorce happens in Ireland. 33% divorce a second time. I wanted to make sure I was giving my clients the best guidance possible to learn from past relationships. Dr Kaye has the tools, IT ALL MADE SENSE”.

Learn The 8 Different Pathways to Love & Which Applies You

Dr Kaye’s seminar gives you an excellent understanding and the perfect tools needed, to discover the key to a successful relationship. Dr Kaye, will show you the correct pathway to receive and give love. You need the right street to guide you to that lane, that leads to your pathway of love.

Dr Kaye, will be here for the month of June doing a RoadShow with The MatchMaker, Sharon Kenny.

I am delighted to have Dr Kaye on board with the aim: When love goes your way that you are ready for it.

Who is Welcome?

Anyone Interested In Improving In Tools To Improve Their Relationships

Cost €220 which covers a FULL DAYS WORKSHOP.

First in First Served.

The Match Makers clients receive a 33% discount.

Look Forward To Having You On Board 🙂 Call 0860711711 to reserve your place asap.

Why Leave Love To Chance When You Can Have The Full Package Here!

Full day seminar including lunch €220

8 Pathways To Love

Meet Dr Kaye And Discover You And Who You Really Want In Your Life

Dr Kaye and her team are passionate about health and transformation.

Our goal is to extend the transformation that Terraforma brings to the body and mind to as many people as possible the world over.

Our founding members:

Dr Kathya Kaye PhD (Psych )has worked with personal transformation in private practice for 20 years during which time she has personally supported the growth and healing of thousands of people across the globe. She practices from a private counselling clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa and runs intensive group transformation courses in Transpersonal Psychology. Kathya’s interests include transformation, consciousnessand neuro-plasticity – the creation of transformative tools that bring insight and growth.

Dr Kathya Kaye is considered one of the leading emotional mastery experts in the world who guides individuals on releasing the emotions that holds them back from being their very best and teaches them to achieve their highest potential by creating, mastering and sustaining desired changes in their thinking, emotions and behaviors.

Dr Kayes love and passion for discovering and teaching people how to release the mental blockages that holds them back from achieving their fullest potential is what drives her and gives her life purpose and meaning. In the last 25 years, she has grown different business that lead to Terraforma foundation being the C E O and is constantly doing research and development that creates some of the most powerful evidence-based brain retraining tools and programs in the world.

“I know I put work first in my life. I had no ideas my barriers were up and that is why I have not met that special guy. My friend told me I should meet with Dr Kaye. Through my meeting with her I am a more confident and not only know how to be more open but also know where I went wrong and how to prevent it happening again. Gill age 32

“I thought I knew what I wanted in my soulmate but after my consultation with Dr Kaye, I now realize who I thought was Mrs Right was exactly what was holding me back. I now know who suits me and ready to meet her”. Dave age 37

“Splitting up was hard to do and after a year and not really in the right place I went to Dr Kaye to help me discover more about how to let go.I’m in a good place now and have no doubt without Dr Kayes help, I’d be still going in circles” Sara age 43

“I hadn’t dated for 21 years since that was when I met my wife. I went out on a date and Sharon put me on hold. She felt I had issues to resolve before going futher. I met Dr Kaye and now know my pathway to meeting a partner for life. Many thanks Kathya. John age 54 from Dublin

If your in or out of a relationship, this foundation in making love go your way, will give you everything you need to make the most of what you’ve got and making it work on YOUR pathway to Love.

Call Sharon on 0860711711 to insure your place.

See you there

Sharon & Dr Kaye

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