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When Did Dating Start

When Did Dating Start [Click Here To Find Out The Truth!]

Sometimes when you are casually hanging out with someone it can be hard to tell if it is a real date or not.

We have all heard of the dreaded friend zone. It is so important to clarify upfront if you wish to just be friends, sometimes you may not realise it but you can be unknowingly giving off the wrong signals.

However maybe you have been casually seeing someone and you are wondering are you officially “Dating”, we all know that feeling of wondering if the other person feels the same.

It can be equally exciting and terrifying all at once!

The truth is its all down to you and what makes you comfortable. If you feel like you need more time before you move forward in your relationship, take more time or maybe things have been going amazing and you feel like you want to make things “official” if the vibe feels right, then go for it!

There is no set time to start officially dating, just follow your heart!

As a professional matchmaker, I don’t just find and pair future partners. I also offer a vast selection of services to suit everyone, maybe you have found your dream soul mate but you just need some guidance navigating the path as the relationship progresses then I am here for you any and all steps of the way.

Maybe you need some third party perspective on somethings that you have been thinking about or some ideas for some great dates, after 30 years of matchmaking I can help you take your relationship to the next level.

I am SO proud to be the highest rated matchmaker in Ireland Online when you google “Dating Agency Reviews” I also have the highest number of submitted reviews which is incredible considering I am a One Woman Company and not like those other agencies with lots of staff. Its so common to see a “5 Star Rated Business” with just a couple of reviews, it takes time and consistency to constantly build the amount of reviews.

Also you should know that all of your details are completely confidential and will only be sent to other people that you approve…. I do not have a public website etc of clients. All of my clients are completely vetted by myself and I do not setup casual one night stands. I take this all very seriously.

I will be with you every step of the way as you experience some incredible new adventures and create new and lasting memories!

Life is too short to put love on hold! 

My name is Sharon Kenny I am Ireland’s number one matchmaker with over 30 years experience, I know how to get it right.

I didn’t invent matchmaking but I sure as hell perfected it!

Call me today 0860711711  And let’s see love go your way.

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