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3 Vital Steps for finding your Unique Match in 2021

I’ve been matchmaking 30 years now and this is my 10th year professionally spreading the love.

My biggest discovery is thinking we know what we want but deep down there are parts we don’t. Why? Because so many of us don’t take the time out to look after us. My youngest client is 27 and my eldest client now is 79. Today I met a lovely entrepreneurial chap age 33. We will call him Chris as Christmas is just over. Chris was so prepared (which is not necessary because I can also help you with this). He has been in a relationships since he was 17 and so happy in himself that he has just taken three years out. Chris felt ignored and bossed in his relationships. This is because his parents split and he felt he didn’t get support from his Mum. As a teenager he was looking for that other half and chose exactly what his Mum was. A partner who is non supportive. He came to me knowing what kind of supportive relationship both ways he was looking for.

Step 1 is you.

How did you get along with your parents? Your siblings? Was there a favorite? How did you feel if it was you/ if it wasn’t you? Where you the carer, truth teller or the baby? This is all part of your awareness and understanding why you think the way you do instead of blaming.The purpose is to help you feel as happy and fulfilled as you can be to give you the best chance in feeling all loved up so you can give it back.

Chris was able to look back over his last three relationships and see a pattern, that I was going to help him break. He went for domineer girls who brought him down just like his Mum did. Now it was his time to appreciate where he is now. A successful business man who has all right in his life except for love. His head is now in the right space. This will encourage love through the right chanels. Me the matchmaker being one of them.

Step 2 be you

Be the best you can be. First impressions do count. It is amazing how much you remember about that first look even 30 years later. Couples remember scent clothes image and a smile. Put your best foot forward. He the most content and secure you can be. Do not over dress or underdress. Be comfortable in your clothing. This makes you happy in your own skin, which brings out the best in you.

Step 3 fulfilled you

Know what you like. Know where you feel most comfortable but don’t meet in your local. Unlike other dating agencies I do not agree about meeting for a meal first. Meet for a drink. There is nothing worse than been stuck with someone who you feel isn’t your type at all and working off the time. A drink also means better eye contact. We also learn more by what’s not said and pick up more. Then go for an early bird. Spontaneity creates excitment which also creates chemistry.

Here’s to love in 2017 and I am the matchmaker who will make it work for you. Remember make this a goal as resolutions are different. They are made to be broken. Let me help you find love.

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