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5 Reasons to go to Sharon Kenny The Matchmaker

“As the only matchmaker who looks after you from start to finish., Sharon Kenny gave me her direct line and ANY questions she was there for me”. Darren age 37 from Dublin

“Sharon not only meets you she gives you professional feedback. When she told me the mistakes I was making, they were so obvious it made me change my approach. I was coming across as needy. I am happier in myself now and far more confident thanks to Sharon’s advice”. Tara from Limerick age 39

“The Matchmaker put me out on three dates I was very impressed with the feedback I got after each date. She didn’t rush them and I have no doubt she put my needs first. I am happy to recommend Sharon. I am now dating. One step at a time. All good so far!” John from Cork age 34

“Sharon felt like my big sister. I thought I knew it all till I met her. I didn’t have the time or interest to meeting Mr Right in the pubs or clubs. two dates later. I’ve dated both guys, but I want to be picky and looking forward to my 3rd date. I am learning what I really want in a relationship”. Jill from Galway age 39

“Chemistry is everything to me and Sharon matchmade me with Bill on my first date. I was out on a date within 3 weeks. I am still on date one and no intention to trade him in”. Thank you, Sharon. Sinead age 54

Call 0860711711 and talk to Sharon directly now.

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