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How To Get Your Mojo Back In 5 Easy Steps

We’ve all been there. You’ve broken up with someone you thought was the “one”, but it turned out not to be the case.

You start going over it in your head and inevitably start looking at all the things you did wrong. We conveniently forget their shortcomings during this period.

This leads to self-doubt, and shakes your confidence, as if the breakup itself hadn’t done a good enough job on that in the first place! So The is here to help you regain that Mojo you once had before and more!

It’s natural after a breakup to give yourself some time to heal and be alone. After a sufficient time (only you can decide how long this is) you’re ready to date again!

But something feels off you’re unsure of yourself you’re not feeling on top of your game.

Like Austin Powers the Mojo is missing. So here are five simple things you can do to get your Mojo back.

Number 1.

Time for a Change!

From time to time especially in a relationship we can neglect ourselves a little. We can get a little complacent with our appearance.

So why not get a new haircut, a makeover, or treat yourself to a personal shopper to give your look a whole new lease of life!

Change how you look and you’ll change how you feel about yourself.

A new hairstyle can take years off you, or even just refresh an already great look and make you feel better.

Number 2.

Happy Hormones

All sorts of Endorphins (Happy Hormones) are released at the beginning of a relationship that’s why it feels so amazing!

so why not get yourself to the gym and get exercising! It will release the same hormones as well as making great changes in your health and appearance. While I myself here at The would be the first to say appearance isn’t everything, but if you feel great you’ll look great, if you look great you’ll feel great, and so begins a wonderful cycle of self-confidence and attractiveness.

Number 3.

Social Butterfly

Get yourself out and about. I always think we lose a little of our social life when we enter a relationship. When it ends it seems life has moved on without us a bit Get back out there!

Try evening classes, Poetry nights, days out with friends. Not everything has to be about the pub.

Take Road Trips with pals around Ireland. Re-establish your social circle of friends. Our friends are our greatest fans and are crucial to our self-esteem. Get out there laughing with them.

Laughter is the sexiest thing anyone can do so have fun!

Number 4.

Self Improvement

Now before you cringe, and think of generations of self-help gurus, who’d have us chanting and exploring Ashrams in India in nothing more than a battered sarong and no makeup, and the men wearing Harem Pants! Yikes!

I’m talking a little more progressive than that. Here at The I’m a huge advocate of Meditation. taking time out of one’s day for yourself to simply just be.

The benefits to mental health and happiness from meditation are not to be underestimated. The is a huge fan of the law of attraction. Basically, if you’re happy & content in oneself you will attract someone who is equally happy & content.

Number 5.

Bringing Sexy Back!

You need to feel desirable again! Where do we start? Well this sort of ties into Number 1 point. Never underestimate the power of looking after yourself, on how you feel. Pamper yourself & treat yourself as you would expect a lover to paper & treat you.

Making sense? No? Ok date yourself, dress up, take yourself to the best coffee shop for a coffee!

Take yourself to places you’d want a lover to take you.

Look after you. Focus on making yourself happy in your own skin, this is the sexiest thing ever!!

Someone who is confident in their own skin and in their own company oozes sex appeal!

I hope my advice above helps you guys and girls get your Mojo back! Remember when you’re ready and that Mojo is overflowing, contact me and let me find the ideal match for you to share this sexy new you with!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Mary O’ Conor of The Sunday Independant for recommending my services.

Its so good to know Mary has heard such positive feedback about the

Keep loving yourself

lots of love

Sharon Kenny The Matchmaker

Call 0860711711 and talk to Sharon directly now.

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