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I am sitting in a cafe in Dublin, scribbling a few notes for my Saturday ‘Health Hour on on one of the dog-eared notebooks I carry about my person, when in bounds Matchmaker, Sharon Kenny.

During Valentine’s week, I heard one of Sharon’s clips on YouTube about ‘passion’ and I just had to meet her.

In person, the Matchmaker Sharon Kenny is a bundle of energy, warmth and engagement; I defy you to not feel enthused. She makes eye contact immediately and we hit it off.

Straight away, Sharon asks me ‘Are you single’? I slowly reply ‘Yeeesss’ – truth be told, I’m enjoying a peaceful hiatus from relationships, punctuated by the occasional date and some lazy app swiping, as I work on building up my digital wellness marketplace – Yogapal –

As we start to chat, I realise that a) Sharon has a unique talent for mentally flipping through her rolodex of candidates and intuiting who might suit every person she meets and b) I’m going to have to get the Matchmaker back in again as an hour won’t be enough.

We start the show and I find out that ThevMatchmaker is a service for all ages, genders and times of life. What’s great about it is the very personalised 121’s with Sharon who has seen it all and experienced much of the good and the bad of it all herself. She really knows the turf. What’s even clearer is her sheer pride in what she does and how she genuinely wants to make people happy.

The chat covers loving again after a relationship breaks down, messy endings, modern love, the joys of dating apps, passion, gratitude and liking oneself before embarking on dating.

As we chat away, Sharon and I get to know each other more and she tells me that she has a number of people in mind. I am intrigued, I must admit.

So if you are hoping you have made your last swipe left or right, unless of course you enjoy that too – no judgement here – visit her and try it for yourself or call Sharon directly on 086 071 1711 and you'll love this....

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