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How to get Dating 100% Right from the Matchmaker’s Experience

Dating can be exhausting if you don’t come to the table bringing, the most authentic you with warts and all. It is vital to make sure you are committed and have all your eggs in a row to save you so much time and effort. The top Dating tips from The Matchmaker, Sharon Kenny

You must know yourself so so well and be proud of who you are. I know this from personal experience. I walked the walk and talked the talk but at 39 when my marriage broke down I though I could avoid the mourning of my break up with who I thought was my soulmate for life. It took me another few goes before I start healing, brushing myself off, getting out there again and again on the dating game. Being aware of Red Flags, bringing the true real me to the table.

I read so many books on self development and I did so many courses. I want to share my favourite tools as “The Matchmaker” and me personally with you. I want save you time, effort, heartbreak and make sure you know when to stay or go. I have so many clients who have been in a relationship for years, when if they used my tools they would know, this other person is not in the right space, it could be bad timing, it could be mental issues or just even not ready .

It has taken me this long (12 years) and every excuse under the sun not to share my story. But what it was was there was a piece of me that was still hurting. I still wanted to blame and I was angry. Through a course I did on letting go. I realised I still had resentment there. I had the feeling I had to do everything. That was my last blockage to clear and I look forward to sharing with you how I did that. I know I want to be respectful to all those in my life so I’ll approach this from a positive way (remembering there are two sides to every story). We choose whether we go forward with a clear clean soul or baggage. I truly want to save you the pain, the time and at the end of this course if you feel you still need a hand to find love, I’m there for you as your Relationship Coach and Matchmaker.

Join me with my 21 tools and I guarantee you, even though I’ve been advised not to do this but I do guarantee you that if used correctly, you will be on your way to finding your Soulmate. Do you believe in Soulmates? I do. But that is one special person in your life at a time. We grow we change, we live life to the full and we die. but that doesn’t mean our partners do it at the same time. Sometimes you evolve and ego may come in and you change. This can happen to you and your soulmate.

First time around 50% divorce, second time around it’s 67% and third time around it is 73%. I’ve been matchmaking for 30 years now, half of that on a professional level. I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as me. I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve learnt from my break up and what I’ve studied to make sure it doesn’t is next to impossible to happen again. How? with my 3 modules, which I’ve learned from the best and bringing you the best from the best, I’ll give you the tools to make you so complete that you won’t second judge your values and expectations.

You will be leading from the heart not the head.

You WILL step away from fear and let love come in.

I’m going to show you how to date from your soul and let your true authentic soulmate come in.

Module 1

Know your Circles and how to balance them.

Love with true Destiny, earth yourself and go back to nature.

Goodbye to fear and insecurities.

Four of my favourite tools will be in this module. This has helped clients focus and go forward with a very positive attitude. (3 circles… life circle with med/grat). You can also take it into your working life and watch your whole soul grow with self confidence.

Best meditation

how to journal correctly to suit you

How gratitude empowers us

Module 2

What motivates you for a Relationship. What do you yearn for? Be brave and show your authentic self. Don’t hide. Bring in the you who knows who you want. Know your why, what, where and when. Know your Passions and Purpose.

Emotional Connection Bringing it ALL Together

Enter a relationship knowing your needs and values.

Engage with your Vulnerabilities

My favourite tool in module 2. You will without doubt be able to increase your chances by over 67% by being awake and focusing on the Passion B tool.

Know you know your Passions in this module we will work on your story. It is all about knowing you and bringing the best you to the table.

Module 3

Bringing the Real YOU to the Table and Attract YOUR Perfect other Half.

Views on compromising

Not always giving in but dealing with rows with respect and understanding.

Know your Priorities and know wrong priorities makes wrong choices in a relationship.

Date from the Heart Centered Stand point and not the Ego Centered Stand point.

Authenticity leads to true Love

Feel that freedom that you are coming from your heart.

First Date: This will cover initial chat and how to connect

Body language and flirting in a respectful way with confidence

36Q to love night out and see you in action

Know your mantra; I am….whatever you want to be. I always want you to keep kind in there. We get so wrapped up in ourselves it’s vital to enjoy giving love as much as receiving it and believing it will come to you in abundance.

I met a lovely lady today. She is 36 and had a bad breakup. She felt it was not his fault but he suffered from mental issues (a family situation he hadn’t faced) . She had dealt with the pain but went back after a 3 months break up. She then gave it another year and a half. She thought she’d be able to save him. I would have been able to point out the red flags. I’ll help you notice them and make you see your value and know when to move on.

Dating can be the most exciting time full of excitement passion and joy, especially when you go into it with the right attitude. There is nothing like that harmony you feel and togetherness. I want to help you be the best you can be and find your true love.

Dating has never been so hard with social media and over analising. I am going to take you to that place where dating is fun and you can bring it all in and appreciate it. Online dating just makes us feel not worthy. Men lie about their height, jobs, age and hobbies as they create more to make them more matcho. Ladies lie about their age, “sure everyone lies about that”, one lady said to me. They lie about their weight, and as we all know so many lie about their maritual status. This could be why more than 90% never meet up. We are made to believe we are not enough and this just takes us into our deep selfish ego. This takes us miles away from who we really are. We have to stop hiding. We need to step up to the challenge and appreciate what we have, who we are. If we want to change that, we need to do the work. I’m going to help you be the best you can be and go into dating and know what to do in dating to help you have that perfect soulmate and keep them.

I made so many mistakes and really got the the stage that I felt I would never meet my next soulmate. I got to that all time low, I took a good look inside me and started a journey on loving myself first. By loving you first, believe me I heard this by so many friends “just stop going from date to date and just be single for a few months. I felt so lonely I’d go into another red flag relationship. It wasn’t till I learned to love myself with warts and all (95% of people would change something about themselves) that I found my 2nd soulmate. Now, I am so happy in myself, even if he died, or we broke up…ok even if I died, I would have been happy, content, fulfilled and received and given love. I want to share this with you and see you flourish.

Think of yourself as a tree. Coming into winter. We are going to start with your roots and make you stronger than you’ve ever been before. You are that tree at the top of the hill. Loved by all, accepted and you’ve nothing to hide. I want to help you be committed to genuinely find your authentic self through self love and blossom like no other. With every storm your roots will grow stronger. You’ll learn your lessons fast. You’ll stop procrastinating and with what I share with you through your worksheets you’ll break that 21 day bad habit of Dating and turn it around. http://http//

I’m only to happy to chat no obligation and share my knowledge. Let’s see is I can help you.

Call 0860711711 and talk to Sharon directly now.

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