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Love Yourself First Through Corona Times and Watch The Love Flow To Others. Be Fulfilled

We have never had to live in times like this and in many cases it could be make or break with relationships.  

We need to realise everyone deals with fear and uncertainty in different ways. We are creatures who love structure and security. This has been turned upside down for many.

To deal best with these times, it is vital to create that security in YOU first. 

We all want extra time, now we have it. Start by working on you.

The idea is to be able to drink out of the same vessel but be happy enough to have your own. Bring the best you to the table.

Let's focus on the positive side. Be happy in you and you will attract the same. Law of Attraction does work.

Let's start with the three circles, you, your work/hobbies and your relationships. To be balanced we need to aim to make these the same size for true fulfillment. During this time however focus on being calm and secure within you.

I am here learning to practise what I preach in these very uncertain times. To be honest I am loving my partner and boys around. One 18 and the other 21. My 23 year old is in quarantine 20 mins away but that could be in another continent and I miss him to bits, but I am choosing (most of the time) to practise what I preach.

Whenever I feel like I'm about to loose it. I change my thoughts, which change my feelings and the outcome of the action to create a better situation. Remember what we think about we eventually bring about. So number one is focus on your thoughts. We have to pay attention to what triggers us and then realise how we deal with it. I do it by saying to myself...


Do you know it is very hard to think negative thoughts when your smiling, so it helps you buy time before you loose it.

Already this a.m I've nagged my 18 year old about getting up and doing his homework.  

I've got my knickers in a twist about cheese being taken next door because he's run out. 

Choose your rows wisely. Choose your words wisely.

Rather than the attack and using words like.... YOU YOU YOU use words like

"I feel that"...I need more help etc.

Rather than the blame game, create a third person and try lighten the stress by saying, for Example "James (made up name) plate in the dishwasher please James"...James didn't..... It lightens the tension that could develop.

This is real life and we all deal with it in different ways.

We start with us. 

As creatures of habit we need to focus on our own well being so we can bring the most calm us to the table. 

We need to create a new routeen for ourselves. What we need more than ever before is a sense of security and that has to start with you.


When we don't have a plan we run around like headless chickens.

Try meditation. There is no better way to ground yourself. Get in that good place with positive breathing to set up your day.

What would you like to improve on in your life?

What would you like to improve on in your relationship?

Think of 3 things to be grateful for. Remember our thoughts, lead to our feelings, which lead to our actions that create those negative or positive events. What really makes us happy is a sense of purpose. When you are happy, you will be calmer and more lovable with your partner. So start with YOUR PLAN for your day.

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Here's to everlasting love...


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